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FIBERGLASS INSULATIONYou’ve probably seen fiberglass insulation before - it’s the pink or colorful stuff that resembles cotton candy, and it’s one of the oldest and most popular types of insulation. Fiberglass insulation has actually been around for about 80 years, and it’s still used in the majority of homes to increase energy efficiency and lower energy bills.

Available as loose-fill or blow-in or as roll batts/blankets, fiberglass insulation is used not only in many homes but in a variety of location within homes, including the attic, basement, exterior and interior walls, any crawl spaces your home has, etc.

Higher energy efficiency is one of the most obvious benefits of insulation installation, but it’s certainly not the only one! In addition to reducing your energy bills, fiberglass insulation can help:

  • Make your home more comfortable no matter what time of year it is
  • Help improve the efficiency of your air conditioner
  • Reduce outside noises
  • Increase the market value of your home
  • Promote a healthier environment (decreased energy consumption reduces carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions)

Wherever you install insulation, you’ll see and feel the difference it makes.