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ROOF RE-COATINGAre you looking for a roof system that is not only resilient but also seamless as well as airtight? If yes, SPF spray foam roofing is the lightweight as well as renewable roof system we can spray directly onto the surface of your existing roof. Spray polyurethane foam, shortened to SPF, is capable of protecting your roof system in a single layer of protection, making it a speedy and affordable solution.

Among all of the benefits clients praise about SPF spray foam roofing, energy efficiency stands out as one of the greatest. SPF roofing is light in color, and generally very reflective, which leads to cooler temperatures inside the structure. In turn, this gives your HVAC system an easier time, which enables those appliances to last longer as well. As a lasting roofing solution, you can comfortably rely on your new roof to defend against leaks for decades to come.

Typically speaking, common roofing materials are unable to seal roofs with large quantities of vents or exhaust areas on the roof. These problems are avoided with a spray foam roof, though, mainly because the materials are sprayed fully into each gap and seam on the roof’s top, leaving no sections susceptible to leaking.