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SPRAY FOAM INSULATIONSpray foam insulation is an insulation product that usually comes in two cylinders as a kit, containing two components namely MDI and polyol blend which are mixed to react on-site.

Spray foam insulation, unlike any other type of insulation, comes in liquid form. As a result of its liquid nature, we are forced to install it in a different way. Unlike fiberglass which is patted into the wall, or cellulose which is blown spray foam insulation is rather sprayed. This can be clearly understood from the name “spray foam insulation” which means foam that is sprayed.

You’ll notice that the word “foam” is used rather than “liquid” and you might wonder why not “sprayed liquid” instead since we have already made it clear that it comes in liquid form. Yes, it does come in the form of liquid as a product but undergoes a certain procedure that turns it into the foam during the application phase. This is one of the major roles of a technician at Minnesota Spray Foam and Coatings.

This is achieved when a reaction occurs by mixing two separate liquid components that react together on-site to produce foam. What makes spray foam insulation so different is not only its liquid nature but the fact that the product itself has to undergo a further processing stage to arrive at the end product. In this case, the two liquids do not serve as the end product. Both liquid components have to react together expanding into the foam to provide insulation. This brings about other activities such as mixing and the use of the spraying equipment.

Our closed cell foam has sealed cells that provide a vapor barrier and will absorb very little water. These foams are more rigid and provide a higher “R” value per inch of thickness. It is an excellent foam for residential and industrial insulation.